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How can we let the release of Book 7 go without Fidger notice? [09 Aug 2007|04:09pm]

We need a Fidge Book 7 chat. Obviously, we all need to agree on a time because we're often too busy to sit on MAN waiting for one another like we used to. So, let's schedule. Fight it out, people! Let's discuss this baby, 'cause there's a lot to discuss.
4 platypuses -squee.

[30 Jul 2007|05:49pm]

So what did you think of That One Book, kids?
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May 19 [09 May 2007|01:17pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey guys, I figured I'd just post this here so it would get to who needs to see it.

I ran May 19 past my mom and it works out awesome because she's going out of town that weekend anyway and my brothers are going to my dad's house, so I'm not needed here at all. OH! IO!

Anyway, that's a week from Saturday, if you're keeping score at home, so we should probably work out the details in a semi-timely fashion. :) Thoughts?

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Nostalgia [16 Mar 2007|12:54pm]

Hey cuddle bunnies, I mish you.


I wish I were on MAN more often and that there were a fantabulously huge Fidge reunion, like the good ol' days.
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[10 Nov 2006|12:15pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Guys, it's in a week. A solid plan? An approximate time I should show up? Let's do this thing.

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[30 Oct 2006|12:36pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Anyone else think we should start planning The Ohio thing a little bit? November 18 is, I must note, less than three weeks away!

I'm also pretty well caffeinated at the moment.

Um... so... plans?

OhyeahguessIshouldgotoclass. Please reply to this obnoxious post!

12 platypuses -squee.

[17 Jul 2006|02:07am]

[ mood | *shrug* ]

I think I'm the only one of us that doesn't get that we're kind of dead, but I still love and miss you guys. A lot. I wish we could talk like we used to. I really do love you guys lots. I was just... thinking about some stuff and it made me miss everything, and now I'm a bit emotional, but really...

I don't know, that's all. Sorry.

8 platypuses -squee.

[23 May 2006|10:24pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So, you guys all dead or what?

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[18 Feb 2006|01:27am]

[ mood | lonely ]

Dear Fidgers,

MAN is really lonely, and we miss you times a million billion. So like... get on MAN. Pwease?

Love, Lads and Erica.

5 platypuses -squee.

Lads Moving into College [03 Sep 2005|09:46am]

Well, I think Sky's already moved in, but I haven't been able to talk to her at all, so I'm not really sure when or how it went or...anyway, Lads is the first Fidger I'm completely aware of to move into college.

And that's today.

So, I hope the moving is going alright, Lads. Thinking of you!

1 platypus -squee.

Gin got the bag! [19 Aug 2005|08:39pm]

[ mood | pleased ]


...it's gorgeous.

4 platypuses -squee.

[17 Aug 2005|12:26am]

The Bag. Is sent.

Gin should be receiving it within 2 or 3 days.

Now I can show my face on MAN again.
6 platypuses -squee.

[13 Aug 2005|11:38pm]



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Just because... [11 Aug 2005|08:36pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi, you guys.

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morbid curiosity [25 May 2005|02:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Sky... have you mailed the Bag yet?

We won't kill you if you haven't. Just...you know...a nudge. XD

Gin (and probably also Lads, who wants it too)

4 platypuses -squee.

the bag's whereabouts [08 May 2005|10:54am]

[ mood | full ]

Lads and I miss the bag. Horribly.

I know I mailed it to Erica in February, about Valentine's Day, so you guys have had it about two, maybe three, months. I know we didn't set any time limits or anything, but it's reaching a state of near deprivation on the non-Ohio fidge end. XD

Sky, are you planning to mail it to Jacks soon? Are you guys doing the Prom thing so no mailing is required? Or some sort of Ohio-Fidge-Graduation shindig? ...

Anyway, just a reminder from your friendly, neighborhood Captain type. XD


9 platypuses -squee.

CALLING ALL MALE FIDGERS (All Two of You) [08 Apr 2005|02:51pm]

Erica desires a date to the prom. She assumes that the Carolyn desires one also.

Erica volunteers Jack.

He must come to save Erica's self-esteem and make her happy. He can be a pimp with two dates at prom. Erica promises that both herself and Carolyn are breathtakingly gorgeous and will make prom well worth Jack's while (i.e: there will be food).

Please respond.

Thank you.
12 platypuses -squee.

CALLING ALL DORKS [17 Mar 2005|10:16am]

[ mood | Fidgey ]

Fidgers, my friends,

I write this from the Compaq, the evile, evile Compaq who refuses to allow MAN to operate. It tells me there is no internet connection which is ironic, since I am currently on the internet. I have decided it is a conspiracy conspiring to keep me away from my dear Fidgers.

What, you ask, you cannot find another computer? Are you an idiot?

Well, yeah, pretty much. Dad hooked up the Dell upstairs but the Dell is still riddled with all those icky viruses and stuff so I don't like to touch it because it screams and me and does horrific things. This is my excuse.

But, still, I am desperate and I just wanted you guys to know that I haven't forgotten about you at all (I think of you quite often when I get sad and then I am happier because Fidge is Fidge and Fidge is sacred). I mish you lots and lots and lots and I know that somewhere, over the rainbow, you are out there in Fidgia doing Fidge-like things. I am with you in spirit, my little ones, I am with you in spirit.

The Fidge bag is doing terrific. I loce it muchly and when I pass it off to Carolyn (which shall be soon, I assure you) I will be very, very sad-like because the Bag is dear and it is concentrated Fidge. However, I know other Fidgers must enjoy it and I will suffer for your happiness, m'dears!

Anyway. Yeah. That's my excuse. I miss you and I'm desperate for a dose of some good Fidge but, you know, until I can find a MAN that works, we must be separated like this. Alas! Alack!

5 platypuses -squee.

[18 Jan 2005|04:36pm]

quick! thomeone! emo'th on MAN!

and thhe'th lonely!

thomeone get on...? anyone? i'm thad and lonely and we're all pothting and commenting but no one ith on MAN.


FIDGER NOTICE [26 Dec 2004|08:41pm]

Here's 3 days notice for...


Of course, you all know the 29th is our third birthday. So, get on MAN. Chat and be jolly.

And don't forget.

Just a small and friendly reminder.

1 platypus -squee.

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